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Meeting Schedule

You may download a .pdf of our current printed meeting schedule HERE.

warning regarding NA meeting There will be marathon meetings held during the holiday at the RRC Building starting at 12:00pm on 21/24/2014 and consecutively through 12:00pm on 12/25/2014. Our Events & Activities Subcommittee will provide light snaks, i.e. cookies, and coffee as well. Homegroups and individual NA members are welcome to donate food items throughout the event if so inclined. If you have six months or more clean and would like to volunteer to chair, please use our contact form with the subject as "Chair Volunteer C.O. Kristen H." and she will be in touch with you ASAP. Meeting formats will vary. Please, inform others.
warning regarding NA meeting The H.O.P.E. Group no longer meets and has been removed from the list. Please, inform others.

All members and groups: Please, contact the Website Coordinator if there's a change to your regularly scheduled meeting!

Our Message is Hope and Our Promise is Freedom

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